🥳Use Cases

HyperVIBES is designed to be a flexible and low-level building block for the community to experiment with. A variety of applications are possible without having to even deploy a smart contract.

We're excited to see the use cases the community comes up with!

Want to brainstorm potential use cases or integrations?

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Curation Network

Curation protocols can create uniquely-configured token-based curation mechanisms.

Realm constraints allow for a wide amount of design-space, such as allowing fully open curation or more restrictive approaches. By tokenizing curatorial power, and allowing collectors to mine this token over time, a circular economy is created that incentivizes holding art and rewards collectors with the power to influence the curated direction of the network.

HyperVIBES is a generalized, public, multi-tenanted version of the VIBES art curation protocol on Polygon.

Token Distribution

Artists or tokenized individuals can turn any NFTs into portals that stream their social token to collectors and supporters.

Depending on realm configuration, this can be done after the NFTs have been distributed as a way of "turning on" the mechanism after the original NFT distribution.

If public infusion is allowed, the social token can be re-infused in new NFTs after being mined by the community, creating a decentralized and community-run network of token-streaming portals.

Realm constraints are used to configure how the infusion and claiming mechanisms work for a specific realm, creating an extremely flexible and wide design space for token distribution.

Gaming and Collectibles

Gaming platforms can infuse in-game resources inside of game NFTs that can be mined over time by players, or infuse art / community-created NFTs with an in-game currency as a promotional event.

Collectible projects can infuse a community governance token during the initial mint and sale via a direct smart contract integration to immediately start streaming tokens the moment an NFT is minted.

A syndicate of related or friendly 10K projects could all use the same token infused within their NFTs as a way of creating a larger meta-network and community.

Credentialing and Certification

Realm parameters can be locked down to only allow infusion from specific or trusted agents, creating a system of on-chain signaling and certification.

Artists or other prominent community members can "autograph" other people's NFTs with their social token. If the artist allows mining this token, the collector of the autographed NFT could re-sell the social token while still keeping the original NFT.

If the mining rate for a realm is set to zero, infused tokens are permanently locked within the NFT and cannot be claimed by collectors.

Minting Platforms

HyperVIBES is not a minting platform and requires not specific ERC-721 contract to be used, but existing minting platforms could implement infuse-on-mint functionality into their platforms.

Streamlined realm configuration and social token distribution would allow for community members who don't have development experience to create interesting personal protocols and experiments.

A minting platform could also distribute their own protocol token via HyperVIBES as a way of decentralizing network equity to end-users.

UI integrations could show infused tokens across all (or a specific subset) of realms.

Social Gamification

Distribute a ranking or signaling token to your community and allow them to infuse any NFTs based on some criteria or game.

Display "most infused" or "top token balance" NFTs in leaderboards and high score UIs.

Multiple realms and tokens could be used for multi-dimensional signaling for interesting crowdsourced mechanisms and games.

Allow users to infuse "upvote" tokens in content or media NFTs.


Users can "bring their own NFTs" for NFT-based governance participation by infusing a governance token into an NFT they already own.

Social and reputation scoring can be implemented via a reputation token that is infused into membership NFTs. As that member stays within the group, the mined tokens can be re-infused into others' NFTs to continue to distribute reputation to more people.

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