Share Your Realm
In addition to the primary Create Realm, Infuse NFTs, and Claim Tokens UIs in HyperVIBES, there is a dedicated Explore section that can be used to view all realms and infused tokens, as well as share a direct link to a realm or NFT.


Select the EXPLORE option from the top navigation menu of the HyperVIBES app, or select bottom EXPLORE button on the app home screen:
Once there, you'll see a list of all realms:
Explore Realms
Selecting a realm will take you to a page where all of the NFTs infused within a realm are visible:
Viewing the NFTs within a Realm
Selecting an NFT will take you to the NFT detail page
NFT details
Each of the above pages can be shared directly with others and viewed in a browser, even without a web3 wallet installed.
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