🔥Infuse Your NFTs

Once you've created your realm, you can now infuse the realm's ERC-20 token into your NFTs.

Infusion is the process of staking ERC-20 tokens inside of an NFT that mines tho tokens over time. The owner of the NFT can claim mined tokens, and unclaimed tokens stay inside the NFT across sales or transfers.

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Select the INFUSE option from the top navigation menu of the HyperVIBES app, or select the middle INFUSE card from the main landing page

Once there, you'll see a list of all realms that you can infuse NFTs in.

You may see additional realms that allow for "public infusion", where anybody is welcome to infuse NFTs (so long as they bring their own tokens):

If you don't see it, confirm the Create Realm transaction went through and that you are still on the correct network. Sometimes it can take a few moments for TheGraph to index new realms as well.

Select your realm, and then select your collection:

Once you select your collection, type in Token ID 0 to infuse the token you minted previously:

Then input any amount of tokens you want to infuse, based on how you've configured your realm previously.

These tokens will be transferred from your wallet into the NFT:

If this is your first infusion, you'll have to execute the APPROVE step as part of the standard ERC-20 approval flow:

Once the approval completes, you can infuse your NFT:

Your NFT is now infused!

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