HyperVIBES is a public and free protocol from Rarible DAO that lets you infuse any ERC-20 token into ERC-721 NFTs from any minting platform.

Infused tokens can be mined and claimed by the NFT owner over time.

Create a fully isolated and independently configured HyperVIBES realm to run your own experiments or protocols without having to deploy a smart contract.

HyperVIBES is:

  • 🎁 Open Source

  • 🥳 Massively Multiplayer

  • 🌈 Public Infrastructure

  • 🚀 Unstoppable and Censor-Proof

  • 🌎 Multi-chain

  • 💖 Free Forever

Feel free to use HyperVIBES in any way you want.

The possibilities are endless in the realms of your imagination.

What would you do with that power?

Getting Started

Want to jump into the deep end? Follow our Getting Started guide to practice launching a custom token, NFT contract, and HyperVIBES realm on the Goerli testnet:


You can use HyperVIBES without having to write any code, but direct smart contract integrations can rapidly add infusion capabilities to your protocol or NFT project.


HyperVIBES is an immutable and non-upgradeable protocol with no admin functionality, it will exist in its current state as long as the blockchain exists.

If you're looking to build, come hang in the Rarible DAO Discord.

We're working to make a habit of shipping fun and highly-composable decentralized software like HyperVIBES.

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