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HyperVIBES was built in public by Rarible DAO.

All documentation and source code is free to view, fork, or copy.

Source Code

All code is hosted in the r-group-devs GitHub organization:

View all of R-Group's open source repos on GitHub.


Beyond in-repo documentation and this docs site, Google Docs was used extensively during development:

  • Initial Product Brief - Used to convey the idea internally among the Builder's Group and articulate the key concepts and scope of the project

  • Initial Vibe Brainstorm - Nailing the vibe is critical. What should this protocol feel like?

  • MVP Coordination - Helped track information across frontend and contract domains as development started

  • Protocol One-Sheet - Terse and straightforward info about the project that was shared externally to potential partners and internally to other working groups

View all of the HyperVIBES docs in Google Drive.

These docs should be considered historical reference mostly, this site is the current living documentation for the project.

Contract Addresses

All contracts are verified on their respective blockchain explorer apps.

Mainnet Deployments

  • Ethereum - 0x26887a9f95e1794e52ae1b72bfa404c1562eed0e

  • Polygon - 0x26887a9f95e1794e52ae1b72bfa404c1562eed0e

  • Arbitrum - 0x26887a9f95e1794e52ae1b72bfa404c1562eed0e

  • Fantom - 0x26887a9f95e1794e52ae1b72bfa404c1562eed0e

Testnet Deployments

  • Ropsten - 0xcd181fB818aaAae8D34D6D5bBe7aD4c44ac8af98

  • Rinkeby - 0xafb96b99a0A4eF348115C6BbD99A71d3d4F52Ff1

  • Goerli - 0x26887a9F95e1794e52aE1B72Bfa404c1562Eed0E

  • Mumbai - 0x57FBF9E899E17E23d46425e33eE191C8FaD27c28

  • Arbitrum Rinkeby - 0x26887a9F95e1794e52aE1B72Bfa404c1562Eed0E



On-chain data from HyperVIBES is indexed via TheGraph:

Mainnet Subgraphs

Testnet Subgraphs


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