🛸Create Your Realm

Previously, you have:

  • Created your own ERC-20 token and minted some initial supply of tokens to your wallet

  • Created your own ERC-721 NFT contract and minted a single NFT to your wallet

Now it's time to setup a HyperVIBES realm:

A HyperVIBES realm is a completely isolated environment that can be setup with any ERC-20 token. Each project can set up their own realm, configured to meet their needs.


Creating your Realm

Ensure you are still on the Goerli Test Network (or whatever your preferred testnet is), and select the first card:

Create a realm by inputting all the various configuration information. How you configure your realm is up to you:

You can leave admin blank for now, there's no need to modify this realm. After press NEXT, add the NFT contract you deployed earlier as the Allowed Collection:

And set the TOKEN ADDRESS to the ERC-20 we deployed earlier (confirm the token symbol on the right of the input box):

By specifying your address for ALLOWED INFUSERS, and selected the second option above, you will be the only address that can infuse NFTs for this realm.

Provide additional configuration options:

Specify constraints around claiming tokens:

Once you press CREATE REALM, submit the transaction.

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