🎨Deploy an NFT Contract

Deploy your own ERC-721 via wemint.art.

If you already have minted NFTs or have your own contract, then you can skip this step.

Controlling your own contract is a powerful way of establishing provenance around the pieces you mint.

You can use any existing ERC-721 NFTs as well, HyperVIBES works across all minting platforms.

Depending on how you configure the realm, you don't even need to own the NFTs to infuse them.


Make sure to CONNECT your wallet to the wemint.art app via the button in the top right, and ensure you are still on the Goerli Test Network. Provide some basic info to deploy your ERC-721 contract:

Once the contract is deployed:

Notice the contract address once deployment has finished, you'll need this later when setting up your realm.


Select HOW TO in wemint.art for a basic walkthrough of getting artwork into IPFS. Alternatively, you can use the following example metadata URI:

  • ipfs://ipfs/QmPVEKvFEm9CHPzrKBuj7CPiEML9jKRUap7Lbpxu4tC1ce

Once you have your metadata URI, select the MINT tab, provide the contract address and metadata URI:

Press MINT! and your NFT will be minted!

Example successful transaction following the initial mint:

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