🏄‍♀️Getting Started

Welcome to HyperVIBES.

This step-by-step guide will walk you through using the HyperVIBES protocol on the Goerli Test Network:

You might have done some of these steps already. That's cool! This guide covers every point in the process so you can jump in and out where it makes senes.

HyperVIBES is all about experimentation.

🥳pageUse Cases


HyperVIBES is a public and trustless protocol for infusing tokens inside of any NFT.

Infused tokens can be mined and claimed by the NFT owner over time.


Today, you're going to launch your own personal ERC-20 token and NFT contract using community-authored tools that are 100% free. Then, you're going to use the HyperVIBES protocol to create your own realm and infuse your NFTs with your token.

This walkthrough will be done on an Ethereum test network, it won't cost any real money.

These same steps can be taken on any mainnet blockchain as well when you're ready to launch your project.


🦊pageSetup Your Wallet🚰pageDrip Some Funds🤑pageDeploy a Token🎨pageDeploy an NFT Contract🛸pageCreate Your Realm🔥pageInfuse Your NFTs👜pageClaim Tokens🌎pageShare Your Realm

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