👜Claim Tokens

Claiming is the act of withdrawing mined tokens from an infused NFT to the NFT owner's wallet.

Only mined tokens can be claimed, while un-mined tokens stay staked within the NFT. Unclaimed tokens stay within the NFT across sales or transfers.

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Select the CLAIM option from the top navigation menu of the HyperVIBES app, or select the far-right CLAIM card from the main landing page

Once there, you'll see a list of all realms:

Select a realm to browse the infused NFTs within that realm:

The Claim Tokens screen allows you to input any amount of tokens, up to the total currently mined within the NFT. Input the amount (or press MAX), and press the CLAIM button to claim your tokens.

Once the transaction submits, you'll have the tokens in your wallet:

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